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What did I work on?

PJ Masks: Heroes of the night

I started when the core of the game was already functional, so I mainly focused on bug fixing and integrating visual art into the game. I also developed a couple tools so that the level designers could work faster.

PJMasks: Heroes of the night

Bratz: Flaunt your fashion

I started working on the first prototype so the team could start seeing how the project could develop. After a basic prototype was completed, I also started working on the core mechanics for the First Playable and the features needed for the Vertical Slice with two more developers, that joined the project after the First Playable was delivered.

After that, I worked for some months on adding features and fixing bugs (with another 3 developers) to get the game to an alpha state.

Once the game was almost feature-complete I began porting the game to Nintendo Switch. As the game had not been optimized before, I did a lot of work alongside the 3D team to reduce build size, performance and memory management.

I managed to:

  • Optimize Switch build size from 16Gb to around 3Gb
  • Mantain a manageable memory size throughout the entire game
  • Provide a list of optimizations the 3D team could work on to mantain Switch's minimum framerate on all scenes

All that optimization work helped the other developers to easily port the game to the other consoles.

Finally I also worked on building day-one-patch for Switch and ocasionally other consoles, fixing general bugs as well as bugs that happened only on specific consoles.